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Content of Courses

Canadian Non Restricted Firearms Safety Course

This course will allow students the opportunity to extensively handle and load the five major non-restricted action types: the bolt action, the pump action, the lever action, the break action and the semi-automatic action. Students will learn firearms history, social and ethical responsibilities, ammunition considerations and storage, transportation and display laws.

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

This course will allow students the opportunity to extensively handle and load the three major restricted action types: the single and double action revolvers and the semi-automatic action. Students will learn firearms history, social and ethical responsibilities, ammunition considerations and storage, transportation and display laws.

Ontario Hunters Education Course

This course will allow students to study hunter ethics, wildlife identification, provincial hunting laws, bow hunting, and survival. First Aid will also be discussed but all students are encouraged to take a Basic First Aid and CPR Course through a local provider.

Course Fees and Booking

Pre-booking is required as courses tend to be full several weeks before the date being taught. Courses are offered several times monthly according to demand.

Mandatory hours assigned to courses and testing procedures will be adhered to without exception as per the guidelines of the province and federal teaching systems.

Non Restricted course, exam, book and HST $190.50
Restricted (6 hour) course and exam and HST $ 124.30 (Must be completed within 30 days of the non restricted course)
Restricted (8 hr) course and exam and HST $169.50
Should a student manual be required for Restricted it's $21. (Price includes HST)
Hunting Course, Exam and book with HST: $190.50

Call (416) 962-5444 for course date availability before you attempt to purchase ONLINE.


Course Policies

Payment Policy

Online bookings are processed through PayPal allowing you to use your credit card or PayPal account to book a seat for an upcoming course. PayPal provides an easy and secure method for paying for services online and your information is kept safe on their world-class systems.

Late Policy

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to class time for pre registration. The class doors will be locked at 8:00am with no exceptions due to the mandated course hours.

Cancellation Policy

There are No Cancellations with 30 days of the scheduled course date. Rescheduling is allowed up to 14 days of the scheduled class date. Please make sure that you are available for this class date when you sign up. Once you sign up, you are making a commitment to the instructors and fellow students that you will be attending NO MATTER WHAT. The class will proceed with or without you. If you miss the class, there are NO REFUNDS! If you wish to rebook the course for another date then you will have to pay again.

Material Provided with Course Fees

Canadian Non-Restricted Firearms Safety Course - Manual and Testing

Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course - Manual and Testing

Ontario Hunters Education Course - Manual, Summary of Game Regulations, and Testing

Out of Province and out of country hunters that provide valid proof they have passed a hunters course or possess a valid hunting license can challenge the Ontario hunting test once for $40.

A test can be booked for any date a course is offered.

Course Structure

Class participation is required. Lecturing, Power Point presentations and videos will be used.

Extensive handling of all firearms action types will occur with every class. Dummy firearms frames, cleaning aids, dummy ammunition, trigger and cable locks, survival and medical kits are all available for handling.

The Non-Restricted Firearms class will involve the handling and loading of bolt, lever, pump, break and semi-automatic firearms. The Restricted Firearms safety Class will utilize single and double action revolvers and semi-automatic firearms.

Please note that all firearms used have been deactivated and can never be used for live firing. All ammunition has been loaded by your instructors or supplied by ammunition manufacturers as dummy and inert ammunition meaning it cannot be discharged.

Who Can Take the Courses?

Anyone from age 12 and older is invited to participate in the courses.. A Parental Consent Form is required to be signed by at least One parent and or Guardian. Please see the instructor on the morning of the class for the form.

You must be 18 years old and older to acquire a firearms licence but anyone from 12-17 can acquire a Minors Permit to allow them to carry a firearm under supervision for target or hunting purposes. A minor can update their license into a Possession and Acquisition license when they turn eighteen and no other testing is required.

A person must be at least 15 years old to obtain a hunting license in Ontario but a 12 to 15 year old hunter can be licensed under the apprenticeship program. When they turn 15 they can obtain a hunting licence without further testing.

To obtain a Restricted Firearms Licence you must be at least 18 years old to take the course and examination.

Where the Courses are taught

Generally, our courses are taught at the Monte Carlo Inn in Brampton, just 1 block South of Highway 7 and Airport Rd.

The address is:

Monte Carlo Inn, 
45 Coventry Road, 
Brampton, Ont. 
L6T 4V7

Click here for map of location.

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course if offered on Saturdays and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course and Hunters Education Course are offered on Sundays. Both courses have been taught as far away as London, Niagara Falls and Owen Sound.

Both instructors will teach in other locations depending on demand. Fifteen students are required for a minimum class and the instructors will teach anywhere within a reasonable drive of Toronto.

Turkey License Testing

New Rules Effective January 2017
Elimination of the Turkey Hunting course:

The Ministry of Natural Resources has advised that the Turkey Course for Turking Hunting has been integrated into the current Hunters Safety Course and current Hunters Safety Course Exam. There is no longer a requirement to take a separate Turkey Hunting course or exam. Hunters who already have a hunting license but did not upgrade to a Turkey Hunting License Validation prior to January 2017 will be grandfathered into the Turkey Hunting License Validation.